Disconnect from

the daily grind.

THE ZERO POINT retreats are multiple-day mindful fitness retreats, with programmes designed to bring support and balance to those with hectic lives and restless minds.

An inclusive experience designed for everybody, THE ZERO POINT retreats combine forms of meditation, physical training, nutritious meals and the luxury of nature. With consciousness at the centre of your adventure, your body and mind will discover new horizons.

Underpinned by a holistic programme that honours physical training, nutrition and mental wellbeing, your time at THE ZERO POINT is interspersed with “you time” during you can roam free, exploring local life, culture and places of interest.

Our ultimate goal is for you to feel good by simply being yourself. We want you to go back to your essence and step into your energy. We want you to return to THE ZERO POINT.

The four



Nurture your soul with the power of nature and immerse yourself in the elements. Experience the environment to the fullest and drift away from chaos and confusion.


Stretch your physical limits and zero in on results with daily HIIT (high-intensity interval training) for a total body workout. Delete distractions with silent walks and mindful runs.


You have the answers. Create your own mantra and kick-start a new mind-set. With our help, you’ll find the peace and clarity you need to manifest your dreams.


Variety is the spice of life. Choose to taste local culinary culture or reserve a spot at our table for fresh, nutritionally-balanced meals. (Breakfast and lunch are included.)


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An immersive residential experience, THE ZERO POINT is for anyone who wishes to disconnect from the daily grind, perceive themselves from a different perspective and discover their own natural flow.


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